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Join Our CSA

What is a CSA?


CSA means Community Supported Agriculture. The idea started with vegetable farmers who would sell shares at the beginning of the growing season, and then distribute the produce at harvest time. The community gets involved with the farmers, and everyone benefits.

When you join our CSA, you are guaranteed that the meat will be there for you. You can customize your share, by adding lamb, pork, or chicken.


What is in a CSA share?


A single share includes 12 lbs of grass-fed beef, which will feed a family of 4 about 8 – 10 meals


  • 5 lbs ground beef
  • 3 lbs roast (rump, round, sirloin tip, chuck or arm )
  • 1.25 lb steak (ribeye, NY strip, filet, sirloin)
  • 2.75 lbs specialty cut (stew meat, minute steaks, soup bones)


We are happy to help you customize your CSA share, sustituting chicken, pork or lamb for some of the beef.


A CSA membership costs $85 per month.


How do I sign up?

Sign up right here on our website!


Where will I pick up my meat?

You can always pick up your meat at Farmers’ Market, or our home. We will stay in touch with you via email to determine what is the best way to get your meat to you.


How do I pay?

We ask that you make your first payment of $85 when you subscribe. That will cover your first month’s meat. Then we will charge monthly upon pickup, so you will always be paying for the next month’s meat. This is good for us because it lets us know that you are commited to picking up your meat.  And it is good for you, because you never have to pay for more than one months’ supply at once.